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Phil Mickelson Petition

Many of you may know that I started an online  “Petition” to Pacific Ridge School inquiring to see if there was any way they could potentially change the date/time of the Graduation ceremony so that Phil Mickelson could play in the US Open. To see/sign the “Phil Mickelson Petition” CLICK HERE!

Please know that this is ALL in good fun, as I DO realize how hard this request would be considering how late it is in the proceedings, nor would I want it to cause OTHERS at the event to not be present because of the change. It is/was really a “polite request” to see if maybe a different date or time would be a better fit for the school overall as a whole. Have had a lot of Phil supporters from all over the world reach out, which has been pretty fun. Why not politely ask and see, right?!?! 🙂

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