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Phil Mickelson Petition

Many of you may know that I started an online  “Petition” to Pacific Ridge School inquiring to see if there was any way they could potentially change the date/time of the Graduation ceremony so that Phil Mickelson could play in the US Open. To see/sign the “Phil Mickelson Petition” CLICK HERE!

Please know that this is ALL in good fun, as I DO realize how hard this request would be considering how late it is in the proceedings, nor would I want it to cause OTHERS at the event to not be present because of the change. It is/was really a “polite request” to see if maybe a different date or time would be a better fit for the school overall as a whole. Have had a lot of Phil supporters from all over the world reach out, which has been pretty fun. Why not politely ask and see, right?!?! 🙂

Here are a few links to some articles written about the petition:

Tucson Daily Star

Golf World/Golf Digest

CBS Sports

Click ON Network

Golf Channel


I’ve begun the process of putting up the FREE AND FULL Membership Video Content!! You can sign up for the FREE or FULL Membership NOW! I will CONTINUE to best organize the content and have more to put up more content as we go. THANK YOU ALL so much for your love and support! REALLY excited to see the AWESOME improvements that will be made! Let me know if you have any questions!

To sign up for the FULL or Free Membership CLICK HERE!

MEMBER Exclusive Content and Videos!

Due to OVERWHELMING demand and requests from students, players, instructors and social media followers, I’m going to start offering a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to get ALL of my secrets I’ve acquired in playing and teaching this great game for a lifetime. I’ve got some VERY strong beliefs and opinions, and as students start to understand the concepts and implement them, their scores start to PLUMMET! For only $9.99/month you will get access to information that I have devoted my life to getting! Videos will be added on a regular basis and NOTHING I have learned will be held back. I CAN’T WAIT to see YOU play the golf of your DREAMS.

The ‘Free” Membership will get you into the game, but the ‘FULL” Membership is where I will spill my golf-knowledge guts out. Just a few finishing touches need to be added (should be ready in the next day or 2), so don’t sign up for the FULL MEMBERSHIP QUITE YET! I will update you all when it’s all ready to go!

-Derek Deminsky, PGA


Hello my friends! What a GREAT season for golf instruction and at the club! We saw A LOT of students REACH and EXCEED their goals as they put in the work to improve their games! It was a VERY busy season and a great one at that! I will be continuing to teach a LOT this summer, will be hosting the 4 JUNIOR GOLF CAMPS (see previous posts for info), and will be working on a LOT of VIDEOS!!!

Summer time is a GREAT time to work on your game and get onto the course and get a lot of rounds in! Be sure you’re not just spending all your time on the range if you want to improve your SCORING!

-Derek Deminsky, PGA

2017 Forty Niner Country Club Junior Golf Camps!

2017 Forty Niner Country Club Junior Golf Camps!

The Golf Camps are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and start at 8:00am with pickup from 11:45am-12:00pm

Camp Dates:

Camp 1 – May 29, May 31, June 2

Camp 2 – June 12, 14, 16

Camp 3 – June 26, 28, 30

Camp 4 – July 10, 12, 14


-$100 per Junior per Camp (or $40 per day)

Ages: 6-14 (MUST be able to participate, and control themselves in big groups)

Golf camp includes:  

Professional Instruction, Daily Lunch, Prizes, Contests, 100 Ticket Challenge, Fun!

Sign up as soon as possible, space is limited and these camps will fill up VERY fast! Payments and Registration for the camps will be taken in the Golf Shop on the first day of camp per week. No refunds will be given.

You can SIGN UP by EMAILing – Coach BIG Derek at with the Junior’s name, age, which week(s) they’ll attend, Parent and contact information, and any other questions!

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